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We are tarmac driveway specialists and have been providing free, no obligation quotations and impartial advice to our nationwide customers for over 20 years. We are both domestic and commercial tarmac contractors.

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We are tarmac driveways specialists and have been providing free, no obligation quotations and impartial advice to our nationwide customers for over 20 years. Using our expert knowledge and experience we ensure that our jobs are kept to schedule with no compromise in quality...more about us.

Tarmacadam (commonly referred to as Tarmac)
is one of our most popular driveway surface options. It is ideal for areas to be used by vehicles such as driveways but can also be used for pathways, either on its own or along with other surfaces such as block paving.

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Tarmac driveways look great when they are mixed with the variety of other types of materials that we can supply. We always recommend that you consider this when deciding on how the design of your driveway is going to look as it really can make the area look that much better when you for example have some block paving around the edge using maybe a traditonal block type. We can go through all the different ways you make a tarmac driveway look great, so why not get your free quote today. (18 Dec 09)
We can meet all requirements that your paving might have and no area is too big as we are also suppliers and tarmac contractors to the commercial market and industry. We have paved large areas such as car parks and service roads and can provide the complete service, including additional aspects like white line painting. We also have years of experience in the domestic market and have layed numerous types and styles of tarmac driveways, all of which to a very high standard and reasonably priced. Its also free to call us on 0800 6126 599. (22 Dec 09)

As tarmac specialists the outcome of the finished surface will enhance the appeal and look of your property and add value to your home and increase the value. Its also makes your house look better and more appealing if the drive is layed properly and looks great. (18 March 10)
Tarmac or tarmacadam should actually be called bituminous macadam or "Bitmac" as the other names are just a nick name or what it is called for short. For large areas it is known to be the cheapest material to use, or the most cost effective in terms of its qualities and how long it will last. For small areas it can be more expensive, and the red coloured tarmacadam can cost more money than block paving. (25 May 10)
The surface which is covering the existing area is very important and needs to be correctly prepared before the tarmac driveways is installed. A professional company like ourselves will ensure the area is 100% ready for the tarmac to be laid which requires ensuring the area is free of any debris and broken slabs/stones and is clean ready for your new tarmac driveway. If the area is not correctly prepared this can cause what is known as reflective cracking and is a well known problem for drives and paving of not just tarmac but other such as concrete and resin aggregates. If the surface underneth is not to correct preperation and quality then this will show on the final layer which may not be instant but after a short period of time. Rest assured all our work is quality checked by the foreman to ensure it is completely ready for the final installtion. (2 August 2010)
Rolling the binder course: Because the sticky tarmac will adhere to virtually anything, tarmac contractors usually ‘paint’ tools and equipment with red diesel.  This prevents the tarmac from accumulating into an immovable solid mass on the insides of wheelbarrows, loading shovel buckets and also on rakes and shovels.  Rake-hands often prefer to keep their rakes heated to make the tarmac easier to work with.  They usually use a flame at the rear of the paving machine or a fire bucket to heat the rakes to stop them from being clogged with cooling tarmac.
The binder course will be rolled the moment it has been spread out. It will require about a half dozen passes by the roller in order to properly compact the still-warm layer of tarmac.  To stop the material from adhering to the roller as it is being rolled, the machine has an on-board water tank that constantly drips water on the drums while the tarmac is being rolled.  This is the reason for the steam that is usually seen rising from fresh tarmac surfacing as it is being rolled.  It is also the reason why the roller is sometimes referred to as a 'steam roller'.  The machine will continue to roll non-stop until no roller marks can be seen in the surface of the tarmac.  Once the binder course has been fully compacted, it must be accurate to approximately ± 10mm. (1 October 2010)

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Regarded as a cheaper and easier way to surface an area of driveway, tarmac can also be employed on roads, forecourts, cycle lanes and even footpaths. Tarmac serves a primary function as a surface mainly on vehicular areas and areas that are “trafficked” by motor vehicles or bicycles, although its use extends to public pedestrian areas such as school playgrounds. It may also be employed in garden paths over which vehicles are not used. The surface course – also called the wearing course – can be coloured if treated with either coloured aggregates or coated chippings. The tarmac surface is often overlaid by hard core or other material that must itself be compacted in order to be readied for the tarmac. The substrate is sometimes already there, but gaps may have to be filled in and the surface smoothed over. It can be tested in a sense through walking over it or driving on it once it is compacted. Tarmac is laid by machine and only in the most impractical of instances should be laid manually. Small footpaths and driveways may be laid in a manual fashion. Paving the surface using a paver often produces far superior results than manual methods of laying. (25 November 2010)


How tarmac driveways paving works: When a contractor is hired to complete tarmac driveways paving for the customer, there are a number of steps that are required before the project is completed.  The first step is the excavation portion where a previously laid surface is removed or an unpaved surface is cleared and leveled.  Edging and curbs are installed before the next step takes place. A sub-base material will be placed and leveled out by the paving crew.  Once spread out it will be compacted by a mechanical roller or a vibrating plate compactor in smaller areas where a mechanical roller is not feasible.  The next step in the tarmac driveways paving process is the application of the binder course.  This chunkier bitmac is delivered hot and poured overtop the sub-base.  Paving crews will use rakes and shovels to spread this layer in areas not accessible by the paver machines.  Heavy rollers or vibrating plates are once again used to compact this layer. Lastly, the surface course is laid and compacted on top of the binder course.  The bitmac is finer and produces a smoother surface.  Crews will pay much more attention to the leveling of this surface to ensure there are no dips or uneven sections in the completed project. (13 January 2011).

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